Missionaries: Nicholas and Alyssa Peveto

 Serving in Africa

 About Nicholas and Alyssa:

At the age of 19, Nicholas received a clear calling from God to be a missionary. “I knew from the age of 17 that God was leading me to be involved in full time ministry.  However, it was on my first mission trip at the age of 19 that I sensed a clear leading from the Lord to be involved in cross-cultural ministry.  For several years I didn’t know how missions would look for me, but it was in Seminary that the Lord put it on my heart to just simply make disciples the old-fashion way – evangelize, teach those who choose to follow Christ, and train them to make more disciples on their own.”

Two years after they were married, Alyssa knew God was echoing in her life the call that He gave her husband years ago.

“I always knew that there were people in the world who had never heard the gospel, but not once in the six years since my salvation had I shared the truth with the ones I knew needed to hear it. One Sunday morning in church we sang, “I Love to Tell the Story”, and God used the words in that song to break my heart for the lost and tell me that I would bring the message of salvation to those who have never heard.”

After nearly seven years of infertility and just as many years of prayer, Evangeline was born in 2016. She is a joy to everyone who meets her and really lives up to the meaning of her name, “the one who brings good news”. Although she’s not old enough to share the gospel yet, she does her part in helping with ministry by drawing people to herself. By doing so she helps her mom and dad start conversations that will hopefully lead to the salvation of those they meet.